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Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

To keep your family healthy, regular carpet cleaning is a must. Vacuum cleaners can only remove loose particles from your floor. Just like putting your clothes in the washer, the combination of water, cleaning agents, and physical manipulation is necessary. Your carpet is a filter that traps particles. Like the air filter or oil filter on your car, your carpet can only hold so much. That's why regular carpet cleanings are so important.

Carpet cleaning

Reduce indoor air pollution, and to keep your family healthy. Chemicals and biohazards are deposited on our carpets from our shoes everyday.

  • 43% of the homes tested had enough allergens to cause symptoms in people with allergies
  • 23% of the homes tested had air that could trigger an asthma attack

How often do you need carpet cleaning?

Enhanced Carpet Cleaning uses powerful truck mounted machines to deep clean your carpet; removing soil, pollen, microbes, dust mites and chemicals that are brought inside your home on your shoes. These foreign particles trigger allergies and asthma, and may also promote other diseases in young children and the elderly.

Hot Water Extraction Enhanced Carpet Cleaning utilizes the hot water extraction process commonly called “steam cleaning”. The world’s largest carpet manufacturers (Shaw, ¬†Mohawk, etc.) insist on this method of cleaning as the best way to keep you carpet clean and looking new for years to come. Using other methods may actually void your warranty.

Shaw also recommends using IICRC Certified firms like Enhanced Carpet Cleaning. Of the dozens of carpet cleaning companies in El Paso, only a handful meets this requirement. Some companies even try to reduce operating costs by using cold water without cleaning compounds. Regardless of the "great deal" they offer, their "service" isn't worth anything if your carpet isn't clean when they're finished.

Regular deep cleaning also makes your carpet last longer! Soil particles are very abrasive. Even though they are small, these particles wear against the carpet strands so your carpet loses the sheen it had when new. Your carpet is a valuable investment-- make sure it retains its original beauty longer through regular professional cleaning. Ask about the optional Scotchguard® protective spray that helps your carpet resist stains.


Upholstry cleaning


Your beautiful upholstery needs cleaning to keep it bright and looking new. Soil picked up on your clothing from outside, spills of food and drink, pet dander, etc. reduce the luster of your sofas and chairs. Call Enhanced for a free estimate on your upholstered furniture.

Enhanced deep-down cleaning cleanses all sides of your sofa, chair, or loveseat using special cleaning compounds and hot water extraction. The technician cleans all sides of all of the cushions, and under them as well!

The hot water extraction method of cleaning kills dust mites and other microscopic creatures. It also removes pollen, dust, pet dander, and other particles that can cause allergies or trigger an asthma attack. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor; call Enhanced Carpet Cleaning today to clean your upholstery.

Enhanced can also clean your dining room and kitchen chairs to remove stains from spilled food and beverages. Ask how steam cleaning your mattresses can kill the dust mites that trigger allergies. You will be happily surprised at how much better you sleep each night. You'll wake up more refreshed and be more productive throughout your day.

Tile and Grout

Most people in El Paso love the look of ceramic and porcelain tile. But even if you spent hours picking out the right grout color, within a year or two it dulls to a brownish gray. Ask for a free demonstration to see how Enhanced Carpet Cleaning can renew the look of your kitchen and bathroom floors. Your technician can also give you a quote on sealing your grout so that it keeps that pristine look for years to come.

Air Ducts

When light streams in, can you see dust blowing out of your air ducts? Enhanced can clean your air conditioning and heating ducts to drastically reduce pollen, dust mites, and other contaminants circulating in your air. If you have a new filter on hand, the technician can even install it for you (normal installations only).

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